Stop the 'leaky bucket' of turnover

Frontline worker turnover is debilitating, impacting service levels and driving huge recruitment costs.

But highly-engaged business units achieve a 43% difference in turnover. With Blink, People leaders finally have the opportunity to establish connection with every frontline worker in order to drive employee engagement and increase retention.

"You can see the soul of the company now"

Jennifer Saksida, Leadership & Culture Manager · Allity Aged Care


Make every worker feel supported

On the frontline, it's more critical than ever that team members feel that their health and wellbeing is being prioritized.

For People teams, it's never been more important to ensure that critical information about inclusion, safety and health and wellbeing make it to every employee. The average user opens Blink 7 times per day, helping you ensure that you're connecting.


Create and sustain positive cultures

For People leaders in frontline organizations, creating dynamic cultures that make employees motivated and productive is challenging. Distance prevents collaboration, and isolation inhibits building relationships.

Blink changes this by creating virtual spaces for employees to connect, be recognized and share experiences - no matter where they are.

"The very thing that I thought was going to complicate my life has actually simplified it. "

Amy Sutton, Personal Care Attendant · Elara Caring


Be proactive, not reactive

Getting intel on what's really happening on the frontline is notoriously hard - paper surveys get lost, and feedback gets stuck in the chain of command. For People teams, this all too often means only finding out what's going wrong when it's already too late to fix it.

With Blink, you have a window into what's happening on the frontline in real-time, with Surveys and Analytics to put you on the front foot, helping you make predictive and pre-emptive moves.

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