Reach anyone, anywhere

What makes Blink’s business instant messaging software great is the integration with its larger suite of communication tools.

Thanks to our People Directory, communication lines are open for everyone in the organization, which allows users to find anyone else in your company. With tools like the live feed and the document hub, conversations start faster, and tasks finish sooner. 

Attachments in a snap

Business instant messaging isn’t just for ideas and theories — it’s where the work gets done. That’s why Blink’s instant messaging app lets you attach documents so your employees can collaborate on the next steps.

The chat supports images, PDFs, videos, spreadsheets, and slideshows, so whether you’re working on the year-end presentation or collecting sign-ups for the volunteer outing, you can accomplish everything in one place.

Security you can rely on 

Blink’s secure instant messaging for business encrypts your stored data with AES-256 encryption keys, and all information sent over an internet connection uses an encrypted HTTPS connection.

Security is a top priority at Blink, so you can trust that your private messages stay private and your group messages reach exactly who they’re meant for.

Control how you communicate

Whether you have a message for one person or the whole team, Blink’s enterprise instant messaging solution is the perfect tool for just about any situation. You can start direct messages easily or use the messaging app to form project or role-specific teams.

Create one-directional chat rooms for announcements, and join casual chat channels as they interest you. Let your communication flourish with custom message formatting, emojis, and GIF support. The bottom line is, Blink works however you do.

What is instant messaging in business?

Instant messaging, sometimes abbreviated to just IM, is a form of real-time communication between two or more users through internet or cell phone connection. Instant messaging tools for business are frequently used as a more informal way to connect, plan, and collaborate between coworkers who are not in the same physical location.

Why use instant messages instead of email?

Emails are usually a non-real-time form of communication. Emails can be beneficial for more formal conversations, as both parties can take more time to consider their messages. However, real-time communication is best for collaboration in a fast-paced environment or quickly building rapport. That’s why many businesses use both email and instant messaging apps for business.

What are the benefits of instant messaging in business?

Instant messengers for business enable a much higher level of collaboration across companies, especially when not all workers are present in the same location. This communication solution improves company culture and decreases disruptions in productivity, all while reducing costs associated with more traditional forms of communication.

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