New joiner: Sarah Huygens


I’m Sarah Huygens, Blink’s newest Customer Support Analyst 👋

I handle customer support issues as well as being the contact person for our small businesses.

I’m originally from Iowa (US), but I’ve lived in the Nashville, Tennessee area long enough to consider myself a Tennessean.

I’ve lived in 5 different countries (USA, Italy, Poland, Ecuador, and Uruguay), and there’s a piece of my heart in every country where I’ve lived.

I’ve worked in Customer Support for the past 6 years. My last job was with STRIVR, a San Francisco-based virtual reality training company that works with top companies to help them train employees faster and more effectively 🧠

They also do sports training, and I once helped a coach troubleshoot Tom Brady’s virtual reality training headset. I’m an American football fan, so it was really cool for me 🏈

I’m fully remote, and I personally love the freedom of being able to work completely remote.

I like to talk to my computer and I think better when I’m able to move around and pace (and/or take 10-second dance breaks), so I love being able to do that without anyone around.

At some point, I’m going to have to find a way to put a lock on my refrigerator, though.

Follow what you’re interested in, and ask to do more of what feels important to you! You may find yourself in a position you didn’t expect, but you’ll enjoy work a lot more and learn a lot more about yourself.

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