Backstage with Blink! EMS panel, Microsoft 365 integration & On-Demand Translation


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What’s on this quarter?

30th of June, 2021
We’re delighted to welcome five legends from the vast world of EMS (Emergency Medical Services).

  • Danielle Thomas and Taylor Ouellette, VP and Senior VP at Transformative Healthcare.
  • Scott Moore, President at Workforce Dynamics, Inc.
  • Rob Lawrence, Director of Strategic Implementation at Pro EMS.
  • Ron Quaranto, Executive VP of Operations at Cataldo Ambulance Service Inc.

We’ll also update you on our Microsoft 365 integration, which has just gone LIVE. And the big reveal, our hottest new feature: On-Demand Translation.

As always, you’ll hear from the Blink leadership team and get the chance to ask any questions in a live Q&A.

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