Employee spotlight: Sunny Agrawal


My name is Sunny Agrawal. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology in 2011 from India. I usually get bored doing the same things again and again hence I love automation. I have 10.5 years of experience as an IT professional and have worked in different domains such as Banking, Retail, GRC etc. I have helped many organisations define their DevOps roadmap, set up their DevOps Ecosystem toolchain and onboard their mission-critical applications onto it.

I’m a huge sports fan and love to watch Football, Cricket and Tennis. In my free time, I love spending time with my family, especially playing & chitchatting with my Six-year-old daughter.

I joined Blink in September 2021 as a DevOps Engineer within the Product and Engineering team. My job is to manage, monitor and onboard new applications and build stable and reliable cloud infrastructure so that Blink is always available to our customers.

A few of the projects that I have worked on in the last few months include implementing vertical and horizontal scaling of our cloud infrastructure to handle unpredictable traffic and the introduction of SAST based tool for our devs.

In my 10.5 years of experience, I have never worked with an organisation such as Blink that is so passionate about solving the day-to-day problems faced by frontline workers from sectors such as healthcare or transport and enabling their organisation-wide engagement.

If you want to make a difference, if you are ready for a new challenge, if you want to work on the latest tech stack and be part of a rapidly growing team, then Blink is the right place for you.

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