Employee spotlight: Natalie Vass


My name is Nat(alie) Vass and I’m from up North, York! A fun fact is I’ve recently started competing in Powerlifting meets, hoping to qualify for Nationals 🏋🏽‍♀️ I’m a University of Manchester Linguistics graduate, who was also a Teacher’s Assistant with hard-of-hearing students. Post-graduating, I taught English in China and Spain, then moved to London as a Client Services Manager for Kantar Media. I switched to the Social Media industry as a Senior Client Care Specialist, Implementation, then Senior Implementation Manager at Meltwater.

I’m an Implementation Manager at Blink. Me (and my beyond lovely Implementation team members) help our clients plan, implement and launch Blink to their workforce! We clarify their goals, pain points and vision to develop an implementation strategy to successfully roll-out the app. Our day-to-day revolves around engaging with our client contacts and their Champions by running calls/sessions, teaching and assisting them build and manage Blink, and being their soundboard for all their ideas.

What I love the most about Blink?

  • Frontline First – our clients have the power to help drive product updates and features. You can even go to an on-site Launch to see how Blink is transforming their day-to-day.
  • Be Hungry to Learn – I’ve sent so many Chats, appeared by people’s desks and stopped people in the kitchen to ask a question. Curiosity is valued here, and folks have always had time for me ❤️
  • Culture – The people you’ll work with or bump into the kitchen are like none other. If you’re keen on music – heavy metal, I’m your person – brewing beer, performing arts, or the best loose leaf tea blends, you’ll find them here.
  • Work – The variety of people we speak to! You can work with folks in the USA > Australia, from EMS to Pharma, of all job titles

Some words of encouragement if you’re planning on joining…

You’ll smash it!! We’re excited for you to join us on this journey! Ask lots and lots and lots of questions, even if that’s asking where the snacks are 😊

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