Employee highlight: Peter Durkin


Having spent 5 years on the Cisco sales grad scheme, I got the chance to mentor some startups in a company sponsored incubator – startups which were making a genuine difference in the world & brimming with awesome people. That was a turning point in my career; I knew I could sell, but when I looked into the whites of the eyes of these people I saw a passion that I hadn’t found in myself yet.

I was determined to find that passion, develop it and forge a path; I left Cisco wanting to prove something to myself.

I met 40 different startups in 6 months until one day I met Sean for a bullet proof coffee in Moorgate. I nearly left because he was late, the coffee making me impatient. When he arrived my first impression was that he did look an awful lot like Brains from Thunderbirds; a good omen, my favourite show and a very intelligent character. We talked about WeChat in China, we talked about how to make change viral, we talked about his love of cheese…but most of all I listened.

In retrospect, Sean didn’t know exactly what Blink was/who Blink was for – but he knew internal communications was going through a revolution, and employee experience was broken. As smart phone ownership exploded, building a unified interface to work seemed like a smart move…that was 2017.

Believing in what I’m selling is everything. The platform is just lines of code, but what it enables represents a change in the world I want to see; giving a voice to those who feel unheard and creating a sense of belonging for those who feel isolated.

Frontline workforces are the lifeblood of our economy but have been largely ignored by enterprise technology. The pandemic exposed this in a way nothing else could; they kept the country operating, whilst most of the world sat on Zoom calls in their gym kit.

Frontline workers shouldn’t be defined by the role they perform for their company, but by the contribution they make to society. When we’re speaking to prospects, launching new customers, or meeting investors – I get excited. I get excited because I believe in what we’re doing; levelling the playing field.

We’ve now grown the sales team to 25 people in 3 continents and we work with the largest transport, emergency services & healthcare systems in the world.

I’ve never really understood what “building culture” was before Blink; it sounded intangible and inconsequential. When you’re growing a team, culture is everything; it’s a north star when answers aren’t clear, it’s how people act when no one is watching, it’s who we aspire to be and how we hold each other to account.

We try to have a desire to improve that’s bigger than our ego, we’re determined to lead the conversation on mental health, we care personally AND challenge directly.

Whatsmore, we want to stop to enjoy the ride. Everyone smiles when they hear our name and say “Blink and you’ll miss it” as if they’re the first person to say it . The thing is they’re right. This is a career defining journey for all of us, and we want to enjoy every moment.

These values are borne out of our experiences together as a group and scaling this culture is our responsibility as a team. It’s funny the amount of cliches there are about people and it’s very hard to avoid them; it’s the people who make it.

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