Blink wins ClearBox Employee App award for the second year running


Clearbox Consulting is an independent intranet consultant who is well-known and prestigious in their field for anyone unfamiliar. 

Previously, they focused on SharePoint and have published a SharePoint’ intranet in a box’ product report for many years. This report represents a new foray into the broader market. 

They describe the ‘Digital Workplace’ award as follows: 

“This category reflects the desire to provide firstline workers with a single pocket-sized tool that integrates a variety of other, third-party systems and has built-in practical features.” 

The ClearBox reviewers have over 100 years in the industry, working with AstraZeneca, Diageo, GSK, Sony, Unilever, AvisBudget, Johnson Controls, Make-A-Wish, Rio Tinto, AB InBev, ResMed and more. They also spent hundreds of hours analysing the options on offer. 

They said: 

“Not only does Blink score well across a lot of our scenarios, making it a good all-rounder, but the integration options and practical tools on offer are some of the best we’ve seen.” 

This report aims to help buyers with decision-making. ClearBox has done all the hard work in market evaluation the market, so buyers can easily find the pros and cons of different options without much hassle. 

We’re pleased that ClearBox thinks Blink is powerful and flexible. We also appreciate their effort to strengthen public understanding of our industry and the unique requirements of frontline workers. 

You can find out what impressed them about Blink – alongside alternatives to Beekeeper, alternatives to Staffbase and more – by reading the full report here. To find out more about the report, you can download their free sample