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Blink Hero: Ricky Sickelmore, Stagecoach


My name is Ricky Sickelmore. I’m a Business Analyst at Stagecoach.

A little bit about us.

Stagecoach logo on bus.

Stagecoach has been around since 1980. We’re a transport company, running buses and trams across the whole of the UK.

We have:

  • 25,000 staff overall. –
  • 20,000 drivers without email addresses.
  • 19 different sites.
  • 95% engagement rate on Blink.

Our pain points.

We used to have an intranet, which was very old and dilapidated. It wasn’t loved because it was very clunky to use. No one even remembered their usernames or passwords; it was a negative aspect of the job.

We ran it locally across the 19 sites, and there was little shared information or content.

It was almost impossible to get any messages out to everyone at once.

Life has changed since using Blink.

Engagement has shot through the roof across the business. And people absolutely love it. You know, in parts of the country, they’ve renamed it ‘The Blink’.

Bus passenger smiling at Stagecoach staff.

When we first introduced the platform, we were unsure how people would take it. But adoption was huge from day one. That’s testament to how easy it is to use.

This is how we use Blink at Stagecoach.

It’s been great for executive leadership updates as well as the frontline. In the past, it was very much “Here’s your PDF, read what I want to say.”

Whereas today alone, the CEO has actually done a pre-recorded Q&A for everybody to watch in their own leisure. He’s very prominent and active on Blink.

In another instance, one of our MDs read that there were issues with city centre routes. Without Blink, it would have taken him three weeks of sitting in the canteen, listening to drivers chat, to get that information.

Stagecoach bus at depot.

Instead, he went and changed the routes that very same day. And in doing so, made a better service for passengers and drivers.

Those little nuggets of intelligence are what makes it worthwhile; they’re so beneficial to the business.

Our response to Covid-19.

It’s been tough. Patronage at Stagecoach dropped by about 80%. We had to furlough several staff members. Our shared service center closed, which meant we had to share payslips via Blink instead. But that was a good thing; we just had to accelerate it quicker than anticipated.

These are my employee engagement tips.

We tried to set up a carrot-stick situation. The first thing was to take updates like rotas and routes off the walls and onto Blink. We also have links in there to Green Road. Their payslips.

The Hub acts as a central repository for everything people need to do their job well. We’ve got a Covid-19 managers toolkit. And when information’s updated, it’s updated for the entire country.

iPhone with Stagecoach hub on screen.

This is my favorite feature.

My favorite feature is the Feed. It’s team-based, so the content you see is relevant to you only. There’s no scrolling through information you don’t need to find the right thing.

What I love most about Blink is…

Working with the excellent Blink team! You can’t fault them, and they tailor their approach to different use cases. A true record of our success working with Blink is the number of awards that we’ve managed to win!

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