Blink Hero: Christian Severino, State Transit


My name’s Christian Severino. I work for State Transit Authority in New South Wales.

A little bit about us.

State Transit bus driver smiling at camera.

State Transit is one of the largest and most modern bus transport providers in Australia. We are the only specialist bus company in New South Wales, and transport 200million passengers a year.

We have:

  • 8 depots across greater Sydney
  • 3,500 employees
  • 2800 drivers
  • 300 maintenance staff

Our pain points.

We had no way to speak to everyone at State Transit at the same time. That became particularly problematic during the pandemic. The majority of our processes were paper-based, which meant a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to get anything done. Teams felt very disjointed and disconnected from one each other.

Life has changed since using Blink.

Firstly, I can communicate directly with anybody who’s downloading the app. Everybody’s connected without the need for sharing phone numbers. That’s never happened before.

Secondly, we use the Feed in Blink to push out important information, but also to get it back. If a driver has an issue on the network, they can upload a picture onto Blink. Everyone has access to real-time updates from the source.

Traffic Jam reflected in car wing mirror.

In the transport industry, the ability to lead people is pivotal to your success. And you can only lead people if you win their hearts and their minds. That’s what Blink lets us do.

Our Covid-19 response.

This is where another of my favorite features – Micro-Apps – comes into its own. Something like digitizing forms became so critical, and appropriate, for these times.

We’d normally have printed them on reams of paper and given them to supervisors. Or if staff got sick, they’d have to hand in a certificate for us to physically process. During Covid-19 you can’t risk handling that stuff.

This is my favorite Blink feature.

Direct messaging. It gives my employees an opportunity to contact me whenever they want. Engaging with your people is one of the most powerful things you can do.

What I love most about Blink for transport is…

The team. Working with them was something I’d anticipated would be more difficult. I thought we’d have to submit loads on our end, but actually, the process was seamless. Since then, if we ever needed something fixed, or help on how a feature works, someone’s been there. It’s been a pleasure.

Members of Blink team having meeting.

The other thing is how easy and intuitive the app is. For users, and also for system admins. As long as you know how to use a computer, you’re golden!

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