Feature spotlight: Microsoft 365 for the frontline


Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool. But it is primarily built for desk-based workers. However, when it comes to Microsoft 365 frontline workers (who are often on the go), using it can feel confusing and fragmented.

The result? Low engagement and low adoption of the suite – and money lost. That’s where we come in. We’ve been hard at work building an integration that solves these issues and more.

Blink brings you Microsoft 365, redesigned for the frontline.

This add-on delivers all the functionality of the suite inside a simple app, wrapped up with our frontline-friendly UI. Resting on the solid foundations of our industry-leading engagement rates, you will not only protect, but extend, your investment.

Blink as a gateway to SharePoint

Our newest (and most exciting) integration lets you harness the utility of SharePoint without the costs and headaches. From here on in, you can bypass the need to create lots of sites and folders. The latest version of every document will be at the frontlines’ fingertips, without them ever having to leave Blink.

  • Index the specific folders you want users to search and surface.
  • Manage all policies, procedures, and documents from a single, centralized point.
  • Add context and clarity to vital content. (e.g. redirect end-users to ‘rota’ or ‘holiday bookings’ rather than ‘SharePoint’.)
  • Stop paying for extra Microsoft licenses and dealing with multiple document repositories.
  • Access SharePoint files and folders directly from the Blink Hub.

Group sync levels up user management

Blink already offers Automated User Management, in which admins can synchronize their Active Directory in real-time. We’ve now added Group Sync: when admins move users to a Microsoft Group, they’re automatically moved to the same group on Blink.

This simplifies the complex joiners-movers-leavers process that comes with a large, dispersed frontline workforce. As well as reducing the strain on IT and central teams, this ensures profile data stays accurate. It also makes creating and de-provisioning users (in other words, onboarding and offboarding) even easier.

No frontline licenses? No problem.

Blink keeps your entire workforce connected, whether they have a Microsoft 365 license or not. Frontline workers can access all relevant content without any extra costs or overheads.

Anything else?


  • Bring your Microsoft 365 calendar directly into Blink, displaying your daily schedule and providing quick and easy access to video conferencing links.
  • Find documents easily across Blink’s Hub, OneDrive, and SharePoint with Blink’s Universal Search.
  • Create and join an ad-hoc Teams meeting from Chat.

For a more comprehensive walk-through, here is our Head of Engineering, Gavin Glorieux, doing a live demo of the integration.

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