Backstage with Blink: APAC transit panel

Frontline industries have faced unprecedented challenges over the past year, from the pandemic to protests and everything in between. Many organisations are now facing an even bigger hurdle: a labour shortage that not only hinders productivity and company growth, but inflicts burnout on existing employees.

Join our panel of frontline industry leaders for their unique insights on the adversity they have faced and the practical ways they have addressed these issues.

As this is our first ever Blink event in APAC, we’re excited to share a first-look at new releases, tips and tricks. Video splits can be found below:

  • Introduction from Sean minute 1:00 to 3:35
  • Q3 Product Updates minute 3:35
    • User Status update from Ev minute 4:00 to 11:52
    • Blink ID update from Ranga minute 11:55 to 16:40
    • Blink Bulk updates from Ev minute 16:42 to 18:40
    • Application Marketplace from Ranga minute 18:45 to
  • Panel conversation minute 23:45 to