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Enterprise-Level Security Features

Engagement and the employee experience are your top priorities; security is ours. Blink’s corporate intranet is trusted by enterprise-level companies in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, government, transportation, construction, retail, and hospitality businesses.

In Blink, your data is always encrypted, whether it is in transit, on an employee’s device, or at rest on our servers. We have a broad spectrum of security capabilities, from remote wipe to bio-metric access to a non-repudiable audit log. Our code and infrastructure are regularly audited. We are more than happy to share those independent reports with you.

Want to learn more about how we keep information secure for enterprise firms? Take a look at the security features built into our business intranet app.

What Makes Blink Better?

More than just another company intranet, Blink is business intranet for the biggest firms.

Always available

Blink is globally distributed, across multiple data centers within each region. Our rock-solid enterprise company intranet platform is built to stay up 24/7, and all of our paid plans come with a robust service-level agreement.

Borderless business

It is time to bring external messaging out of the shadows and make it work for you. By allowing company-to-company messaging within a secure, compliant framework, everybody wins.

Total flexibility

It is easy to integrate and develop with Blink using our API. From corporate communication to automation, it does not take an entire IT department to make Blink’s business intranet your own.

Built-in security

Super-tight security runs through everything we do. Trust our architecture, distributed platform, and state-of-the-art encryption to keep your data safe.

Easy identity management

From contractors to team leaders, different roles require different access. With Blink, every employee gets the access, control, and capabilities they need for maximum productivity.

Seamless integration

Blink makes integrating with your existing user provisioning processes seamless. As employees join your company, move to another position, or leave, you can easily update ownership status of software assets without tapping on IT or helpdesk.

Easy to administer

Administration does not have to be a chore just because you have 100k+ users. Blink connects with Active Directory, Office365, G-Suite, and a range of other external platforms. Adding them to user accounts is fast and simple via our Admin dashboard.

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