Get organised

Teams make it simple to organise people around common goals, resources and conversations. Need to focus on a single project, client or idea? No problem. Teams let you get everything sorted.

Opt in . . . or sit out

Blink lets you choose which conversations you want to be part of. So you can say goodbye to confusing, endless email threads and communicate in a way that actually makes sense.

Get up to speed fast

Anyone who’s added to a team gets instant access to the feed posts, files and apps. And because it’s all searchable, they won’t have missed a thing.

Express delivery

Deliver projects faster with Blink. Fewer meetings, quicker decision making, easier collaboration . . . and no more email. That leaves more time for you to get on with the important stuff.
Make a channel

Make a channel

Teams are great for organising knowledge on specific subjects or even arranging the office social scene, which we like to call channels. Share intelligence, arrange meet-ups, circulate interesting links. Everyone’s invited.



Creating a team on Blink puts all its conversations, questions, files and chat into one shared place. And it’s all searchable which means nobody will miss a beat.

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