Finding things should be simple.

Blink puts everything at your fingertips. If it’s been added or mentioned in a conversation, it becomes instantly searchable.

Find everything easily no matter where it was shared or it's stored.

Blinks powerful search makes it easy to find anything no matter where it was shared or where it's stored.

Images, Videos, messages, posts and everything in between.

Connect your Apps & Integrations and search them from Blink.

As soon as you connect Blink to one of our integrations, the content from that service becomes searchable without having to leave Blink.

External Storage.

Like the Email integrations, Simply connect Blink to your Office 365 or Google Drive account and we'll surface documents stored in these services without leaving Blink.

Find absolutely anything...

And on top of all that, absolutely everything added to Blink is easily re-found from the same search box. Including: Feed posts, Skills, Chats & Channels, Shortcuts, Images, Pages, People, Teams, Messages , Document content, Videos.

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