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Launch your micro-apps. Work just got a lot smarter.
Your cloud gateway

Think of Launchpad as your start menu for the cloud. Discover and launch the tools for a truly digital workplace.


Easily automate routine tasks and free yourself to get more done. Intelligent bots give everyone their own personal assistant.


Create mobile versions of your existing web apps or build totally new ones quickly and easily. Give people tools they’ll love to use.

Tailored for teams

Set up a selection of apps for a team and then when a new member joins they’ll have automatic access to everything they need right there in their Launchpad.

Link Blink to other services and bring search into one place.
Active Directory
Zero friction

Zero friction

Secure Single Sign-On integration gives you quick and easy access to everything. Nothing stops you getting straight to what you want to do.

No build costs

No build costs

Save yourself the sweat, tears and money of building your own cloud gateway – Blink’s Launchpad does that for you right out of the box.

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