Do more than just notify

Do more than just notify

Blinks quick-replies and buttons allow you to call any external API from your bots. Build apps that take action!

Use Cardkit to display data

Use Cardkit to display data

Messages you send into Blink can be easily formatted using our Cardkit templates. We'll make it look slick and native.

Micro Apps, not just Bots

Conversational interfaces have great use-cases. Micro Apps are more versatile and much faster to develop. Build one and deploy it to everyone in one day.

Micro Apps

Use straightforward technology like HTML and Javascript to build micro-sites that live inside Blink.

10x Faster than Building Native

Micro Apps run on all platforms. Build one version and deploy it to your organisation with one click.

Harness Blinks Understanding

Blink frameworks such as identity let you to handle authentication in your apps with zero complexity.
Your apps are easy to discover and use.

Publish them to the Discover Store or push them directly to your teams launchpad.

Supportive developer community.

Supportive developer community.

Blinks real dev teams hang out in the developer community chat. Join it and reach them directly.

Your peers are here.

Your peers are here.

Chat with other people across the globe and get peer support. Feedback to Blink directly.

Quality, clear documentation.

Check out the docs at and download example bots and code.

What are you waiting for?

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