We pride ourselves on offering:

  • Australian-based support for our local customers.
  • A mobile-first approach that engages non-office teams as much as desk-based staff.
  • All the latest technology to deliver your digital workplace.
  • An award-winning app - we won the Step Two Intranet Awards in Sydney last year, and we’re more than happy to shout about it.

Why you need an Australian-based intranet provider

It’s always nice to support our home-grown tech scene - but the advantages go way beyond that.

When you look for an Australian-based intranet provider, you receive Australian-based support.

As we’re based in Sydney, we’re working when you’re working. You’ll never be hindered by time zones when trying to resolve issues.

Blink is more than just an intranet tool - it’s an entire employee engagement app. This means that as well as what all other Australian intranet specialists provide, you’ll benefit from:

  • A native smartphone app, so your intranet is just as accessible to employees on the go as it is to your office staff.
  • A social media-style company feed and chat, which presents important updates in a way your staff will engage with and opens up two-way communications.
  • Easy integration with Google, Office 365, GitHub, Trello and Todoist - and over 1000 Zapier integrations.
  • API access - for any further customisation you need.
  • All exciting, modern features a modern HR and IT department needs, including workforce analytics, custom reporting, a branded employee experience, polls and more.

Blink brings your various HR needs and your intranet into the same tool. We’re intranet plus organisation-wide communication, employee self-service, document storage, analytics, onboarding and much more - all rolled into one.

114-120, Castlereagh Street Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

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Our location

We’re based in Sydney’s city centre - really easy to get to if you’re in the area.

Our address is:

114-120 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000

We’re just round the corner from Hyde Park (handy for picnic lunches) and a short walk away from the harbour. We’re close to the Opera House and Royal Botanical Gardens, with the Sydney Eye, Art Gallery of New South Wales and so much more surrounding us. Obviously, as we’re in central Sydney it’s super easy to reach us via public transport.

Drop us a line

Any questions? Or just curious about the benefits Australian intranet specialists could offer you?

Don’t be shy - get in touch via:

If you’re looking to keep up with our latest news and updates, you can also follow us on social. We’re @joinblink on Twitter, and you can also find us at https://www.linkedin.com/company/blinkdigitalworkplace/.

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