Where Blink stands with Read Receipts on Messages

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There are loads of legitimate and well intentioned use cases for knowing who has seen your content. Blink has a number of ways for you share information and measure that metric. Here are three:

  1. The Feed includes detailed and transparent analytics of every post you share, so you can understand engagement and reach.
  2. There's a specific priority post type, which you can employ to request manual acknowledgement of an announcement.
  3. The Blink admin portal contains usage, chat and device statistics for your whole organisation.

One thing Blink doesn't do is display the read/unread status of messages sent in chats. We strongly believe that these indicators are unhelpful in the work environment.

They can mislead the sender, force ill-considered responses, make recipients feel under pressure and they introduce a feeling of mistrust.

Blink has 100% reliable message delivery! If you send a message to a chat, we guarantee that every member has received it.

We can't however make any assumption about whether they actually read it. No-one can. Indicating that a message was on screen in a group chat, is different from knowing it has been seen.

In busy chats, people frequently skim-read up and down the chat history. Catching up after time away or avoiding an off-topic section of chat, are two reasons for this.

The risk of a single message being delivered and marked as read, but actually going completely unseen by someone is significant enough to render the metric unreliable. It would be unfair to give any other impression.

The limitations of persistent, chronological group chat are why Blink invented the Feed. Chat is a tremendous tool for the present, but for the things that really matter you need a better medium. Blinks Feed is that medium and it's where you can accurately measure your reach and hold attention.

Our reasoning isn't just anecdotal. Alongside the collective experience of the Blink team, there are lots of reports out there about how message indicators and read-receipts make people feel. There's also controlled evidence emerging that backs up our thinking.

We're open minded about the decisions we make at Blink and we do revisit them, particularly as the workplace evolves. We want our customers and their employees to get the greatest value possible out of Blink but right now, there is no strong use-case or even demand for us to reconsider our current position.

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