Top 29 Business Management Software in 2019

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There are literally thousands of apps, cloud solutions and software suites that promise to make your business life easier. There’s no way you can try them all out, so we’ve picked the best. There are a few companies that attempt to provide a complete office solution, but most are targeted at a particular area, so we’ve grouped our selection into six broad categories.

Employee Engagement and Communication

Employee engagement software keeps all important information together in one place, while offering messaging services to ensure no one is in the dark.

1. Blink

Keep your employees in the know with Blink, an employee engagement platform created for frontline workforces. Built around a secure peer-to-peer workplace Chat and a Feed functionality for top-down communication, Blink is more than just an internal communications software. Use the Hub to provide instant access to files, training documents, holiday request forms, ePayslips and help your remote workers stay connected. Blink is the only 360 degree app your staff will ever need!

2. BlogIn

BlogIn is the easy-to-use internal company blog that lets you share news with your team. Use this internal communication tool to capture in-house knowledge in the form of a company wiki with full content security including SSL encryption protocol and regular backups.

3. Zoom Meetings

Getting everyone together for a meeting can be a nightmare—even more so if you have intercontinental collaboration. Zoom provides all the functionality you need to host virtual meetings.

4. Happeo

A social network for your office to keep teams talking and ideas flowing. Document sharing and collaboration are supported natively ensuring information remains to hand.

Workflows and Automation

With computerised workflows you can be sure a task is completed and passed on correctly, with audit trails in case an error is identified.

5. ProofHub

Templates, discussions and GANTT charts make sure everyone is working towards the same goal with ProofHub.

6. Zapier

Want your apps to talk to each other automatically? Have a look at Zapier which offers automation of tasks even when multiple systems are required.

7. Wrike

A collaboration tool that simplifies workflows and integrates with your existing software solutions, Wrinkle is sure to make your business life simpler.

8. Jira

Intended as a software development tool, Jira can be used for any situation where tasks need to be assigned and dealt with on a rolling basis.

9. Trello

As flexible as a whiteboard but with a Butler to automate tasks, Trello offers a collaborative space to manage tasks and workflows.

10. Click2Magic

Click2Magic is a customer live support application that provides seamless customer support. You can easily integrate your messaging software with this app to start chatting with customers and solving their queries in minutes. This increases customer satisfaction and boosts your business’s image and growth.

Other commendable features include the ability to add a website or any other property, a customer service agent, and the lead status on the company in the Categories section. You can even customize your chats to suit your business requirements with themes and widget settings.

Design and Prototyping

Software to assist in the creative process is by no means a new idea—but modern solutions bring collaboration and greater flexibility allowing even more imaginative and engaging creations, while reducing costs.

10. Mockplus

Allow your designers to create an engaging user interface without needing to code with the Mockplus prototyping software that includes cloud support for collaboration and feedback.

11. Canva

Whether you need to create a social media infographic or a logo for a new product you’ll find all the functionality you need in Canva. Perfect for small businesses without an in-house designed.

12. Easil

A drag and drop design tool to create stunning visual content. Branding support ensures a consistent look across creations, even when the entire team are working on a project.

13. Adobe XD

Adobe XD allows you to mock up a UI, share it for cloud collaboration, or edit in off-line mode as you wish.

14. Moqups

As the name suggests, Moqups allows you to work on mock ups with the rest of your team, with tools for sharing with all project stakeholders.

Marketing and CRM

Customer Relationship Management is the cornerstone of marketing and sales with modern automated tools ensuring no lead is allowed to fall through the cracks.

15. Zendesk

A suite of customer service and marketing tools based on their Sunshine CRM to allow you to engage with customers fully and ensures no aspect of customer relations is allowed to fall short.

16. Salesforce

Aimed at SMEs primarily, Salesforce offers scalability to ensure your customer service teams grow as fast as the rest of your company, ensuring you maintain the same level of service as your client base increases.

17. PipeDrive

Move prospects through the sales funnel with a novel, minimalistic approach that is in no way lacking in power.

18. Hubspot

At HubSpot’s heart is a free CRM, but if you find yourself outgrowing the service it’s easy to add on extra features as and when you need them.

All-in-one Suites

To avoid the age-old problem of software that won’t link to other software you can opt for a suite of commonly used tools. Typically, suites also offer integration with other software to allow you to mix and match to create the perfect solution for your business.


Offering CRM, time tracking, billing, checklists, repeating tasks and calendar integration covers all major business management functions.

20. Zoho

Zoho has the ability to create custom apps to ensure teams have access to the functions they need without being distracted by meaningless features.

21. Timecamp

Timecamp is a great option if you're looking to track time spent on different activities; this can be especially helpful for agencies looking to log and invoice clients on an hourly basis.

22. Accelo

A cloud solution that brings all your business functions together “under one roof,” Accelo was specifically created for business in the professional services space.

23. Odoo

With a wide selection of apps, and the ability to create custom eCommerce websites Odoo is a comprehensive business management solution.

24. Netsuite

A cloud software solution from a well-established software house that offers everything, however, Netsuite's accounting functionality is particularly popular.

Project Management

Project management is key to avoid budget overruns and scope creep and computerised systems are replacing whiteboards and post-it notes in many organisations.

25. Scoro

With enough features to manage your entire company through one tool Scoro provides real-time information on all departments.

26. Replicon

Advanced time management tools ensure you know what’s being worked on and when and that's where Replicon comes into its own.


With support for Kanban, Agile and Waterfall models does exactly what it promises!

28. is a flexible project management suite with templates to allow it to be used across the business.

29. Clickup

With features to target the most common project management woes Clickup keeps teams focussed and on schedule.

Other Noteworthy Mentions


This project management software streamlines projects for your business to help you achieve your targets efficiently. It essentially breaks your goals into actionable plans, making it easier to manage complex projects, and report on the milestones.

Additionally, it allows you to create a project road map that can be used to prioritize tasks as well as maintain collaboration over the set steps and procedures among your entire team.

One of the most prominent features of Hygger is Kanban boards that help you to assess your team and monitor their progress on specific projects. They also allow you to identify any issues that might hinder them from completing the tasks, effectively.


nTask/a> is a work management and a collaboration tool that lets users plan, collaborate, and organize tasks seamlessly. Additionally, it offers a range of features, including to-do lists, video conferencing, Gantt charts, and other tools to streamline projects and meetings.

This software also allows the users to set up meeting agendas, track employee hours, and get valuable insights into project bottlenecks. All in all, this tool is great for organizing all the critical information about your project in one place.

Best Business Management Software

In today’s digital, companies need business management software to support their trades and automate processes. They need a complete package of tools to improve efficiency and cut costs making to ensure that their business can survive any likelihood.

Also, these software tools are essential for tracking and reporting the organization’s activities. You can follow the [comprehensive list]( of the 10 most popular [business management software]( created by Software World to help your business grow.

So, there you have it – our top list of tried and tested business management software choices. Which will you integrate into your business?

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