The cost of low engagement and user frustration in the enterprise.

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We have talked a lot on this blog about how the consumer space is way ahead of the enterprise when it comes to user-experience. We've covered the effects that disparity has on employee engagement, productivity and ultimately whether an organisation thrives or dies.

You're reading this blog right now, so there is a good chance that you already understand the problem and maybe how to begin tackling it. However, a recent user interview we did at Blink with an employee from a large UK corporate, has reminded us all how far some companies still have to go.

At Blink, we talk to our customers and our potential customers a lot. Often they'll come into our office and run us through the problems they face, which is extremely valuable for us both.

During one of our lunchtime sessions this week, a potential customer took us through the tools they have to use to get their job done. It was incredibly painful to witness the effort involved in getting even simple daily tasks completed.

Yahoo. In 1998. This is still most work software in 2018.. almost

For us at Blink it was a powerful reminder that the problem we're solving with our Mobile Employee App is absolutely real.

Our guest was an intelligent, enthusiastic, degree educated and experienced engineering manager, working for a company of over 100,000 people.

Here are three key quotes from the session.

"We have loads of portals and systems to use for every different task. They're all this crap."

We were shown eight different 'web apps' and there was even a portal help you discover portals. Everything was hard to use and find.

"We're supposed to keep our files on Sharepoint but it's a mish-mash and I don't ever use it"

Official tools were being avoided by most people in the organisation who had all found other ways to share and collaborate on files.

"I can't do any of this from my phone" , "I don't understand why not"

Working deskless for part of the week, with apps that only run on the desktop meant that dead-time like travel couldn't be used productively for anything.

In total our interviewee estimated that between 1 and 2 days a week were being spent on tasks not directly related to their core role. We watched them book a flight for a business trip and it took 90 minutes. Yes really.

At home, that same amount of work could be completed in a couple of hours with the right software.

We're not suggesting that this situation is unique to the company in question. It's a familiar story that anyone whos ever worked in a large corporate will recognise, never the less these experiences are sapping time, energy and enthusiasm from employees everywhere.

If your workplace is like this, it doesn't need to be!

Blinks Employee App was built mobile first yet has slick desktop apps that work on Windows and Mac. It's great for office, deskless workers and everyone in between because all platorms have full feature parity.

Blink doesn't require you to uproot any of your existing technology either. In fact it works with it sitting across everything you already use and making it frictionless and mobile.

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