How to Post to the Blink Feed

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Here at Blink we just launched the Feed!

It transforms how deskless employees work, making it easy for them to stay productive, trained and informed.

Everyone with a Blink account now has a welcome Feed that they see on login plus the ability to swap to a more in-depth demo feed by using the dropdown menu at the top.

At Blink however, we know that nothing beats having real data in the system to really get a feel for it, so we recorded two quick-and-dirty videos to show you how to do that. These are embedded below and also available on our YouTube channel so check that out too.

Anyhow, here are the two ways to put things into your feed:

This is great for sharing business updates, posting images and gathering feedback through polls. You can enable Comments and Likes as well as force acknowledgement of posts which is really useful for business continuity and emergency messaging.

Configure a third party application to post into the Feed automatically.. and there are three ways to do this:

  1. You can do this using our RESTful API and our SDKs, if you know how or have a developer handy!
  2. Enable any of our in built deep integrations by visiting your profile and authenticating them
  3. Use Zapier to connect Blink to any of the thousands of web-apps and SAAS platforms they work with.

Let us know what you think about the feed and about any cool integrations you set up that are helping you at work!

Blink helps you inform, connect and enable everyone in your workforce through it's unique personalised feed. We are not another intranet. Enter your email address on to get started today.

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