How myHub lets Blink's mobile app replace your intranet.

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Blink is the next generation employee portal. A native work-app for everyone which runs on mobile, desktop and web.

This week, we shine the spotlight on one of Blinks major features; myHub, and show you how it allows Blink to replace your company intranet.

myHub, in Blink on Desktop App

Blink is built around the concept of a personalised work feed. A timeline of news, notifications, actions and workflow that employees use to stay informed and enabled.

The Feed supports file sharing, but when you need multiple resources to be made available and want them to live outside of the Feed's timeline, you use myHub.

myHub is where you can store anything your employees might need to access, such as HR forms, procedures or rotas. It's persistent, browsable file storage where the documents that people regularly need, can always be found.

The content in myHub is managed through the admin panel and shared to Blink's Teams. So it's easy to ensure the right files and folders are shared with the right audience.

Adding Content to Blink's myHub Intranet Replacement

The model we enforce means that myHub can never turn into a dumping ground. It scales well, and with our native mobile apps puts your content in the hands of the people that need it, wherever they are.

Examples of how some of Blinks customers use myHub:

  • 🚍 🚌 Providing a repository of engineering manuals to mechanics who work on fleets of buses and coaches.
  • 🏁 πŸš— Sharing racing regulations and track information with race drivers, team managers and pit crews.
  • 🎧 πŸ₯ Making artist profiles, press photos and audio tracks available to music PR and marketing teams in the field.
  • πŸ“Š πŸ’° Sharing the most up to date pitch and sales decks with new business teams across the globe

With The Feed, Group Chat and now myHub, Blink does everything your intranet used to and much more. If you're looking for an intranet replacement, why not try a mobile app like Blink. We make it simple to inform, connect and enable your entire workforce and help you drive your business forward.

We are not another intranet, try us out today. Enter your email address on to get started.

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