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A couple of recent reports on artificial intelligence caught our eye at Blink. They highlight the enormous potential for automation to boost productivity in ways that benefit economies, businesses, and — crucially — each of us as we go about our work.

The first report, by pwc, reckons AI will contribute $6.6 trillion to the global economy in 2030 purely from increased productivity. That’s a significant chunk of the $15.7 trillion AI will contribute more generally.

Automation also brings disruption, of course, and has the potential to displace many people from jobs that will be taken over by machines and algorithms. Predictions like those from pwc, though, paint a picture of massive leaps in growth for economies that have been in dire need of such stimulus in recent years.

Surging GDP is good news for everyone, and while it remains a challenge for politicians to tackle the inequality and divisions that have been blamed on rapid technological changes, a rising tide should raise all boats.

While humans will be taken out of the equation altogether in some instances, with jobs becoming redundant as a result, the pwc researchers conclude that new jobs will be created by “shifts in productivity and consumer demand emanating from AI, and through the value chain of AI itself”.

Adapt or die

What is crystal clear is that the opportunities of artificial intelligence simply must be seized. The benefits are too great to pass up and for businesses there is no time to waste.

The pwc report states: “The impact on productivity could be competitively transformative — businesses that fail to adapt and adopt could quickly could find themselves undercut on turnaround times as well as costs. They stand to lose a significant amount of their market share as a result.”

In case anyone missed the point, the report underscores it: “Doing nothing is not a feasible option. It’s easy to dismiss a lot of what’s said about AI as hype. Yet as our analysis underlines, without decisive response, many well established enterprises and even whole business models are at risk of being rendered obsolete.”

The profound impact of AI is certainly not hype. It’s a fast-growing reality right now, as the technology becomes integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. There won’t be some moment when a switch is thrown and everything suddenly becomes ‘intelligent’. AI will quietly continue to make what is already familiar that bit smarter, faster, better. By the time self-driving cars are an everyday reality, the concept will be much less radical than it seems today when all we can do is imagine it.

The simple, smart interface

Another observation that struck us as being on the money came in the second report, by Accenture, and described AI as the new UI.

It says AI is now “consistently being used to add frictionless intelligence to people’s interactions with technology, creating opportunities to make any interface both simple and smart”.

This is as true for people working inside an organisation and for its customers outside it.

Like the pwc study, the report predicts that AI could boost profitability against a current backdrop of declining profits, putting the potential rate for such growth at 38 per cent.

“Getting started can be as simple as using AI to bring more human-like interactions into existing interfaces”, it states.

The idea of an intelligent interface lies at the heart of the Blink experience. Blink helps you get more done by putting bots and micro-apps at your fingertips so you can automate tasks and easily access enterprise software and data. Team chat is the natural and intuitive way you interact with these bots and micro-apps and have them duo your bidding. Making everything easier, quicker and better is our mission.

The big picture is of artificial intelligence transforming just about every business sector across just about every activity. Blink is a digital workplace solution that brings intelligent tools within reach of everyone, giving teams the productivity edge. Get your superpowers on.

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