How A Mobile Employee App Improves Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Successful organisations understand that in order to hit goals, they have to work together as a team. Whether you’re 100 or 100,000 people, everyone of your employees need to be engaged in your core business.

A clear internal communications strategy a key part of engaging your workforce. As is a the use of a consistent and user-friendly tool that internal comms professionals to reach everyone.

Communications and Engagement

One reason why mobile employee apps consistently return greater engagement levels than than intranets is their native behaviour.

The intranet requires the individual to have a reason to visit it. Often it’ll only work well on a desktop and often only when you’re at work on the corporate network - which is when you have the least amount of free time available.

Mobile apps have personalised push notifications so users are proactively notified about relevant content. The information is delivered natively to a mobile device which is where your employees can always be found.

Great mobile intranets do exist but why bother making an intranet mobile when there are native mobile apps that have been designed explicitly to cater to today’s needs.

Mobile apps should be a part of every organisations employee communication strategy.

Real time company news

Blinks award winning mobile app is built around a personalised work feed which delivers updates as cards directly to employee mobile phones to be actioned and swiped away. It also features group messaging and file storage which complement the feed and make Blink the one super app for work comms.

Traditionally all these features would have been bolt-ons to your intranet but with a mobile employee app that’s been designed to do this, the experience is much slicker, you get a better reach and higher engagement.

Blinks feed is familiar, easily digested and always available even off network so your workforce can engage with your internal comms. People use their downtime, breaks and commute to stay informed connected and enabled with Blink.

The Feed also be configured to work with your existing apps, which can automatically post their actions into the feed for employees to deal with. This reduces app fatigue and removes the need to context switch.

Once you try a mobile employee app like Blink, you’ll never look back. Blink is not an intranet but it does do all the things your intranet used to, and more. Try it today!