Forbes talks to Blink about Building a Digital Workplace

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Blink is making is faster and easier for companies to build a great digital workplace for their people. Forbes recently picked up on how Blink delivers better search, communication and automation tools for knowledge workers in this recent article on the changes in the workplace.

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In 2017, IT spending on enterprise software is projectedto peak at $351 billion globally, a number that is expected to reach $462 billion by 2021.

While enterprise software is intended to streamline workflow, boost productivity and help companies operate more efficiently; without giving workers thorough training, most enterprise solutions prove to do the opposite.

In addition to the challenges of integrating changing technology, enterprise solutions can also present roadblocks such as confusing interfaces, elaborate dashboards and complicated communication functions. As a result, to make businesses run more efficiently, the process begins with making knowledge workers better equipped. Noticing the need for an all-in-one tool, serial entrepreneur Sean Nolan developed a tech startup that makes managing information and operations an easier task.

Founded in 2014, Blink is an enterprise solution that helps businesses design agile digital workplaces. Blink adds a layer of efficiency to enterprise powers like Salesforce, Netsuite and ServiceNow by providing companies a suite of features that includes a messaging app, robust search engine, smart bot assistants, and micro-apps. By consolidating the myriad of tools and technology into one connected system, Blink looks to modernize enterprise software by making the technology in the workplace technology as turnkey and seamless as your technology at home.

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