Five must-haves to look for in a mobile intranet app

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Organisations are increasingly looking towards Mobile Employee Apps to bridge the gap between office-based and deskless workers.

If you're not familiar with the term deskless, you should be. 80% of the global workforce is classed as deskless, working in the field, construction, on client sites and increasingly from coffee shops and home offices.

For these people, who have an employer they rarely interact with, the disconnect can be huge.

Which is a problem. Enterprises are desperately trying to get their employees pulling in the same direction during a time where only 15% of the global workforce is engaged according to ESCP Europe.

You can see why a Mobile Employee App that promises to reach everyone with company updates and messaging regardless of location is appealing. Particularly when they offer other added-value services like access to basic workflow and company information.

Blink built the Ultimate Employee App. It lets you connect to everyone and lets everyone connect to each other and it has some absolutely standout features ... but not all Employee Apps are the same.

Here's our top five must haves for any employee app.

1. Mobile first Intranet

Make sure the Employee App you choose has been built specifically for mobile! Does it has native iOS and Android apps available in the App and Play stores? Is it as slick as the consumer apps you use at home? You can't expect your employees to adopt anything less - expectations have changed. Your old Intranet doesn't cut it anymore.

2. Supports users without a corporate email address

Many deskless workers don't have a corporate email address. Some might not have an email address at all. Check that they can still use your app, perhaps by registering with a phone number.

3. Genuinely improves Internal Communication

Blink gives every user a live, personalised Feed of actions taken from their existing business apps. Timesheets, clocking in, shift swaps, holiday, near-miss reports can all be completed with a single click. No need to open a different app for each task. The Feed is where your messaging and announcements appear.

4. Has persistent private and group chat

Check that your people can communicate with you and each other using the App. Empower your local leaders to run and manage their own teams for working together in.

5. Integrates with your existing software and services

The best employee apps require no changes to your existing processes or services. They sit across all your existing investments and provide a modern interface into most popular tasks people complete in them.

Bonus number 6: Supports Micro Apps

Micro Apps let you repsond to any business challenge by deploying new workflow quickly and easily to the people that need it. Check that your app can run them!

Blink helps you inform, connect and enable everyone in your workforce through its unique personalised feed. We are a mobile intranet. Enter your email address on to get started today.

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