Five Hipchat Alternatives You Can Try For Free

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The popular team chat app HipChat is being retired. Atlassian announced on 26th July 2018 that both Hipchat and Stride would be shutting down. For teams, companies and communities looking for a new collaboration platform, there are many options to choose from.

Many free apps offer similar functionality to HipChat; group chats, file sharing, search, mobile apps, and more. Here we take a look at the best alternatives to HipChat.

This is the Blink blog, so I guess we should give ourselves a mention ;-). Blink is one of the best alternatives to HipChat, with a rich two way integration with Jira, including integrated comments.

Blink brings together chat with a team feed. The feed is for news, social posts and integrations (notifications from your favourite apps). There is also a team hub, where you can share key documents, files, shortcuts and more.

blink, screenshot of blink feed and desktop app

Blink is ideal if you want to bring these functions together into a single app. It supports file sharing, group chat, integrates with common apps and can even be branded to match your org. The feed also means important messages don’t get lost.

Blink is ideal for field workers, mobile workers and as a replacement for your Intranet.

Blink doesn’t oficially support channels (we have this as an experimental feature - contact us to get it turned on). We don’t have video chat and we’re still growing our list of integrations (though we do support Zapier - so you can add over 1,000 apps to your feed).

Troop Messenger

An efficient tool which provides an uninterrupted end-to-end team collaboration for organizations of all sizes, Troop Messenger is highly user-friendly so anyone who is new to the application can easily understand it.

Troop Messenger’s feature-stack includes a whole range of team collaboration options, such as one-on-one messaging via private chat window conversations (called Burnout), audio and video calling, audio messaging, live location tracking, powerful search filters, and many more user engaging functionalities going live with each release. These features, centralised around the chat functionality, make for an impressive UI and an immersive user experience.

Troop Messenger is one of the recommended Hipchat alternatives.


Slack is the most well know alternative to HipChat. It’s famous for it’s great user experience and friendly brand. If you’re a small team looking for a chat solution with channels this could be a great choice.

Slack also supports a dizzying array of integrations via chatbots, has search (although this is limited in the free version) and mobile apps.

Slack isn’t really designed for larger teams, and if you’re a member of several teams the experience can be a little more clunky.

slack, screenshot of slack desktop app


If your HipChat is on-prem, Mattermost will probably be top of your shortlist. Billing themselves as an Open Source, on-prem alternative to Slack. Mattermost is a slick implementation of IRC in a modern user interface.

With extensive support, an active developer community and a strong release track record, Mattermost is a product that continues to get better and better.

mattermost, screenshot of mattermost desktop app


From the awesome folks at dots, Twist is aiming to make ‘calmer communication’ possible. Twist offers threads within channels. So you can better organise your conversations around topics, offering more segmentation than pure channel approaches, such as Slack.

Whilst Twist’s free tier is relatively limited, the paid tier is competitively priced, offers search, plentiful integrations, unlimited storage and priority support.

Twist doesn’t offer video calling and the Atlassian integrations aren’t as rich as HipChat.

Whichever option you choose, it's an exciting time to be considering a new collaboration platform! We think you'll like collaborating around the Blink Feed, so please do give us a try!

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