A recent tweet to @joinblink (and @slackhq @facebook @whatsapp @microsoftteams @yammer @twitter @salesforce..) from Nigel Walsh at Deloitte Digital posed a great question.

Ever feel like there’s too much #collaboration channels or chat channels?

My personal answer is a definite yes! I have absolutely felt like this, both as a consumer and as someone involved in building @joinblink. It can be overwhelming and tiresome if you're involved in lots of them.

Whilst I think that some of the apps mentioned play to slightly different audiences, there's still a lot of crossover between them. You only need a few contacts on each one to end up with too many options to reach people. It can then be hard to know where best to share things and even harder for your audience to know where to discover them.

In your personal life this is perhaps not so much of a problem; I might share stuff with a group on Whatsapp then flick to iMessage or Signal to reach an individual. It's a chore but not the end of the world.

At work though, the impact is much bigger. Informing, connecting and engaging an audience (your employees or colleagues!) is key to making sure everyone is on-board and pulling in the same direction. You need a reliable path to them.

Nigel asked how to ninja this. I'm definitely the type of person to pick one of the solutions and stick with it too. Obviously that's what we do at Blink (Surprise! We use Blink!). It's also what the organisations we're involved with have had the most success doing too.

With one tool your direction is clear and unambiguous, there's just one place to go, solving the problem of where to share and discover. Then you can focus on rolling it out. None of them really thrive without a rollout plan - another reason people end up with so many tools that are half-used. Retire them!

When you choose Blink as your digital workplace app, you can also reduce the number of other platforms you need to be involved with on a daily basis too. So it's a double bonus.

Our integrations suck the actions out of other SAAS platforms, putting them straight into your Feed where you can deal with them more easily. The Feed is also where your internal comms and notifications go, so everything you need for work lands in one place (your phone which is at your fingertips.)

Those are my thoughts at least, it was a good tweet and triggered this blog. Hit us up on twitter @joinblink with your comments!

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