Case study: Internal Communication in Healthcare & Hospitals

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Hosting 120,000 patient appointments each year from over 100 different countries, our client is a world leader in patient centered healthcare.

Blink allowed staff to communicate better, improving the patient journey whilst safeguarding clinical outcomes and meeting regulatory requirements.

By improving Employee Satisfaction, this hospital was able to see a measurable improvement in Patient Satisfaction.

The Challenge

To give frontline workers a convenient way to access key information while on the move, and feel more involved in the wider organisational goals.

The hospital were relying on notice boards to inform staff of critical processes, news, changes to procedures, special events and key corporate initiatives.

Frontline staff had to return to central nurses stations and offices to review critical schedules, timetables, procedures and other key documents.

A staff satisfaction survey showed an increasingly disengaged and frustrated workforce.

The Approach

We first ran a very successful pilot, with porters using Blink to access their schedules, hospital maps and other key information. A wider rollout delivered similar benefits to nurses, cleaners, receptionists, security guards and facilities workers.

Internal Comms now had a platform that enabled them to deliver personalised, media rich messages to all teams, with 8x the reach and 26x the engagement of the previous Intranet solution.

Patients received a better, faster service, from happier staff, who had access to the right information, at the right time.

Blink transforms internal communication for one of the UK’s largest private hospitals


  • Increased quality contact time with the patient
  • More efficient allocation of staff, less wasted time within the hospital
  • Improved employee satisfaction, leading to less staff turnover and improved patient satisfaction
  • Internal Comms were able to more effectively assist in delivering corporate goals & initiatives
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