Case study: Internal Communication in Financial Services

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What do you do when the pace of change accelerates every week, whilst your organisation is becoming increasingly distributed and global?

How do you keep everyone informed? How do you use technology to accelerate change, drive engagement in the mission and improve performance?

The Challenge

Offer employees a modern platform for work and a communication tool, within a strict regulatory and compliance framework.

Internal communications were struggling to consistently reach all employees. This was limiting the impact of their campaigns.

Data from exit interviews confirmed that giving employees the right tools was key to attracting and retaining the best talent.

Employees were bringing their own messaging solutions to work from the consumer space, introducing a compliance risk in this highly regulated organisation.

The Approach

Blink delivered the digital experience employees expected and also exceeded the required audit and compliance standards.

Blink enabled employees to message each other and work together from day one. The persistent group chat model was familiar and quickly gained traction, displacing the ad-hoc tools that had crept in.

Blink Feed gave employees a single portal to access their most-used business tools. It was quickly adopted and shown to be software that employees actually enjoyed using.

The Internal Communications team leveraged this, using Blink to push corporate messages and event information into employee feeds. Internal Comms benefited from reaching people within the app they now opened every single day.

Reach increased by 83%, whilst engagement per-post increased on average of over 380%.

Blink transforms internal communication for one of the the world’s oldest and most well known financial institutions


  • Consumer like experience that’s a joy to use
  • Blink Feed reduces daily friction
  • Choice of physical data location
  • Non reputable audit log
  • Realtime compliance alerting
  • Works with existing SIEM systems
  • Exceeds regulatory standards.
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