Blink Intranet Mobile App at Intrateam 18 Event in Copenhagen

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Team Blink are just back from a very cold but very lovely Copenhagen where we were one of the sponsors at the Intrateam18 conference

There were a wide range of people in attendance, all gathered together under the pretext of discussing and exploring Intranets and Digital Workplaces. Encouragingly, the overriding interest when we got down to it was Great Employee Experience.

Yes Blink talked intranets(!) but a common conclusion was that these great bastions of the enterprise are no longer the only tool available in the fight for engagement, employee reach and information.

Almost everyone we spoke to recognised the need for smarter solutions - conversations that were clearly right up our street given our best-in-class Employee App!

Part of the conference was a series of "lightening talks" by vendors which are suposed to be high-energy short intros to their products. We did ours on the final day, it which was really well received and since it sums up our current thinking, we thought we'd publish it here, so read on.

blink is not an intranet

Blink is the ultimate Intranet Mobile App for field workers. We also have desktop apps, but Blink is Mobile First.

the next iteration of intranets

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger employee app

Blink is a different approach. Our unique feed puts one-click actions at your fingertips. Sure you can keep supercharging your intranet if all you want is a faster horse. But if you want to improve Internal Communication, we're the best solution.

What do you do at work?

Receiving information, discussing information and acting on information - that's what everyone is doing at work. The intranet is not dead, but there are new ways to run your workday. These will suit some parts of your organisation better.

Consolidated smart feed for deskless field workers

Here are some of the cards from Blinks smart feed which works with the business software you already use. 80% of all the tech investment in the last 10 years has been for desk based workers, Blink is Mobile First and designed for field workers. We are re-engaging the forgotten masses addressing their learning and training, showing we value their time by speeding up their actions and ultimately improving their performance.

download the ultimate mobile app for field workers

Blink helps you inform, connect and enable everyone in your workforce through its unique personalised feed. We are a mobile intranet. Enter your email address on to get started today.

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