7 Key Ways a Personalised Feed can Improve Internal Communications

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Blink is centered around a feature we call the Feed. It's where your employees go to action their HR tasks, complete training and stay updated on the latest work and social information.

It takes its data from your existing intranet, business apps and from content that you post to it directly, such as CEO videos, company announcements and polls.

Each update or action is displayed as a card within the Feed, which can be swiped away once read or actioned with a single click.

Feeds are a really fast way for employees to deal with their work admin and are particularly engaging for frontline workers, improving internal communication to your key people.

It transforms how they work keeping them productive, trained and informed. Blink knows that a better employee experience drives a better customer experience, which gives your business a competitive advantage.

Here are 7 key elements of a personalised work feed!

1. Works with your existing tools

You need to put the right data in the hands of the right people for it to be useful. So your Feed needs to integrate with the apps your employees actually care about and use.

Blink has dozens of baked-in integrations and we partner with Zapier to support thousands of other apps. We also have a PS team who can write custom integrations for any piece of software so we're here if you need it!

2. Requires zero configuration

Can your employees be up and running on day 1? This is an important bump to overcome on the road to adoption and accelerates how quickly you can get everyone on board.

With Blink, very few integrations require any administrative input and they can leverage the power of our partnership with Zapier to become true citizen developers. No coding or admin skills required.

3. Supports top-down messaging content to drive and measure engagement

Internal Comms teams need to be able to post into employee feeds to get everyone pulling in the same direction. This is particularly key to engaging frontline workers.

Blink provides stats on every feed post, which allows you to measure your reach and impact.

4. Encourages bottom-up feedback to improve internal communication

Employees should be able to share their own updates and rich media posts into the Feed. Blink support this which helps remove barriers and closes the feedback loop. Urgent incidents get reported, risks can be assessed immediately via photos and video.

5. Foster collaboration

With likes and comments on posts and polls you can encourage interaction. Collaboration between peers, particularly frontline workers and rely on relationships to swap shifts and provide cover, is essential.

6. More than just notifications

Increase productivity and reduce frustration. Minimse app and context switching. Notifications are useful but not revolutionary on their own, being able to take action on cards in the feed is key to success

7. Supports acknowledgements

Blink supports priority posts which have to be acknowledged. This is really important for proving you have reached everyone with an urgent business continuity message.

Blink helps you inform, connect and enable everyone in your workforce through its unique personalised feed. We are a mobile intranet. Enter your email address on joinblink.com to get started today.

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