7 Apps to Improve Team Performance (Virtually)

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One of the essential components of any successful business operation is teamwork. Employees achieve their highest potential when they can operate smoothly as a team, with open communication and mutual trust.

For most, solid teamwork isn’t spontaneous; it develops over time with strong communication, clear expectations, and consistent leadership. But while following guidelines amid a pandemic, how do you foster a team environment when each member of your team is miles apart? In the digital era, the short answer is: apps. By now, your smartphone, laptop, and tablet are likely packed with apps that improve your personal well-being; now, consider apps that benefit the well-being of your company.

Whether you are having trouble establishing solid performance within your teams or simply looking for a way to improve your team’s efficiency, there are several apps on the market designed to streamline communication to enhance your teamwork that will make social distancing a breeze.

Here are some of the best apps you can utilize for the teams within your business, from a distance:


Google Rating: 4.2
Price: free, paid premium option

Businesses worldwide rely on Evernote to facilitate internal communication. This versatile app boasts an intuitive, user-friendly platform. Evernote compiles tasks, deadlines, photos, audio, and more in one easily accessible place.

With Evernote, you can streamline your day with a clearly defined to-do list, and collaborate virtually with other members of your team. It even offers a feature that allows you to scan documents straight from your phone’s camera. All your documents are stored safely on the cloud, where you can access them from any device at any time. You can use the app to search for text in all of them, even handwritten ones.


Google Rating: 4
Price: free 14-day trial, $3.40 per user per month after

Blink is the all in one collaboration software and chat app for remote companies big and small; designed for your team communications, important documents, and company announcements to be all stored in an intuitive and user-friendly way. You can even brand Blink with your own color scheme, logos, and hero photo.

Blink is composed of the Chat feature (for peer-to-peer and team comms), the Hub (for shortcuts, digital forms, reporting, holiday requests and more) and the Feed which is the special place reserved for top-down communications so important announcements can rise above the noise.

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Google Rating: 4.7
price: free, no ads

The central concept behind Toggl is that it helps to ensure that every single minute of the working day is being put to the best possible use. This time tracking app can be shared with your entire workforce for to-the-minute planning.

Record and track meetings and events, schedule events and reminders, and then use Toggl’s data to analyze your workday down to the minute. This will help you pinpoint exactly where your time is being allocated and adjust your workday accordingly. Save time by integrating the calendar you already use, and Toggl will automatically record events as time entries for you. It even generates time reports to give you a clear picture of your time management.


Google Rating: 4.1
price: free, in-app purchases

If you find tracking business expenses tedious and time-consuming, Expensify could be the answer to your problems. This bookkeeping companion app helps employees track and record business expenses, categorize receipts, and track mileage. Simply upload a picture of your receipt and the app automatically captures the figures you need for your submission. Next day, direct-deposit reimbursement ensures you receive your funds as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Management can sync Expensify with their current bookkeeping software (Quickbooks, NetSuite, etc.) to automatically account for claimed expenses. They can also set up parameters for submitted expenses, and the app automatically flags submissions that need further review. Then, approve or reject expense claims right from the app, saving everyone time and paperwork.

Google Drive

review: 4.3
price: free, in-app purchases

Arguably the best known cloud-based storage system, Google Drive offers a shared library where you and your staff can create and store documents, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. This library can be easily organized into folders where administrators and creators have control over who can access what.

Because it is cloud-based, Google Drive can be accessed anywhere. This makes it easy for remote workers to access files from home. Do you have a handwritten note or sketch you need to file? No problem! Scan it straight to Drive through your smartphone and store it securely in your 15 gigabytes of cloud memory, for the free version.


Google Rating: 4.3
Price: starts at $.99, in-app purchases

Remember the days when people carried business cards in their wallets or filed them into a Rolodex? While smartphone contact lists have mostly replaced these filing systems, they sometimes make it difficult to organize new acquaintances and put a face to new names. Plus, when meeting a new colleague and exchanging business cards, you often don’t have time to enter individual names, companies, and titles on the fly.

Let Camcard be your virtual business card holder. Simply scan the business card of your new acquaintance, and it will automatically read and store the data for you. No more fumbling to shove business cards into your wallet at the convention.

Of course, conventions are in short supply at the moment, so this may be low on your priority list. But it’s worth considering that Camcard allows you to create and share e-cards as well. So the next time you see a new face on the company video meeting, you can request a business card that’s guaranteed virus-free.


Google Rating: 3.9
Price: free, paid premium option

Since the global events of 2020 began to unfold, no app has rocketed to stardom as quickly as Zoom. Zoom allows users to attend virtual meetings from around the world, making it essential for many telecommuters. And with the capability to host up to 100 people on WiFi or a 4G network, it eliminates almost any excuse to skip the meeting.

With Zoom, you can share your screen, video chat, even switch to “drive” mode, enabling you to safely listen in while driving. You can also exchange text. images, audio, and documents right on the app. That way, your coworkers have instant access to the media you share. Hand raise and reaction buttons allow team members to stay engaged without interrupting the flow of the meeting.

Some honourable mentions...


Google Rating: 3.8
Price: Free trial for 30 days, followed by pricing plans for individuals and teams

Timely is an automatic time tracking application that saves you from the hassle of creating a manual timesheet. It is equipped with a powerful dashboard that monitors the performance and time of each project so that you can stay at the top of your workload.

This makes Timely an ideal time tracking solution for project managers as they can easily assign tasks to the workforce and view their progress, effortlessly.

Also, it is perfectly equipped to automatically track your employees’ billable hours to help you evaluate the performance of your employees as a team and as individuals. Additionally, Timely can easily integrate with other project management apps to help you closely monitor and log your working hours.


Google Rating: 4.0
Three-monthly and yearly pricing plans starting from $16/month/team

Kipwise is an employee knowledge management tool that facilitates the onboarding of new hires and builds their knowledge base easily.

It also enables you to collect information on your team members in one place so that a new hire can get up to speed quickly with your organization.

Kipwise can be easily integrated with Slack, where you can turn Slack conversations into articles that can be saved. Also, you can connect other tools like Google Drive to search for relevant information in one place. Other features of Kipwise include a powerful search engine and a self-service portal for employees.


Google rating: 4.2
Price: Free download

ScreenRec was designed to share screenshots and screen recording with the workforce instead of writing long emails. It is a lightweight software that allows you to record your screen or take a screenshot with a click.

There’s absolutely no learning curve with this one as you only need to select the screen capture area, press a button and you are done. It comes equipped with Cloud recording technology that has no upload time as well as no requirements to connect with other social media or content management apps.

This way, employees can easily reply to their management or connect with each other on their own schedules. It is one of the most suitable apps for internal communications because it even encrypts your screenshots and recordings to keep them secure and safe from prying eyes.


Google rating: 4.7
Price: free 30-day trial, prices starting from $95/month charged according to the platform of your choice.

Open in new window, with no follow to stop link juice: Exalate is a cross-company integration solution that seamlessly integrates issue trackers and task management systems such as Jira, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Github, and many more.

Synchronizing these tools will help you get rid of time-consuming tasks such as manual data entry, copying, or transferring data from one platform to another. This way, you can focus on your number one priority; running your business in the smoothest way possible.

Exalate provides the utmost flexibility with bi or uni-directional synchronization to provide both sides with the maximum autonomy possible while also facilitating communication across various departments and even remote teams.


Google rating: 4.2
Price: on request

If your business's valuable resources are still managed using legacy tools like spreadsheets and homegrown tools, think again! A sophisticated resource management suite like Saviom can future proof your business using efficient and intelligent utilization of enterprise resources.

To meet the challenges of dynamic resource and project demands, a customizable business intelligence dashboard enables the user to create reports the way different stakeholders want to view it to make informed decisions.

The best part, Saviom's resource management suite seamlessly integrates with your existing systems which nullify double data entry and unnecessary chaos surrounding it. Saviom offers a free 30 days customizable trial and once on board, a dedicated account manager will assist you throughout your experience with Saviom.


Kickidler represents the new generation of employee monitoring software. It allows you to automatically track the time your employees spend on their computers, to analyze their efficiency and spot the violations of work schedules.

Kickidler's main advantage is that your employees can't trick the system into believing they're being productive when they're actually leisurely hanging out in the office. Such tools as real-time monitoring and video recording of activity at the computer don't leave a chance for cheating staff.

In 2020, Kickidler's developers have developed a range of tools designed specifically to monitor remote employees. These tools include automatic notifications on violations, employee self-monitoring interface and the ability for employees to disable their agent program.

In addition to the monitoring features the program also has tools for remote computer administration.


Google Rating: Not available

Price: Free 14-day trial, pricing starts $9.99 / month

SendXis a feature-rich and intuitive email marketing software that lets you create and execute unlimited email marketing campaigns.

You can also use it to automate email sequence, schedule emails, create popup and inline forms as well as set up landing pages. These tools not only help grow your email lists, but you can also better communicate with your staff, employees, and other stakeholders.

It also offers advanced automation features based on user activity and audience segmentation. So, you can make email broadcasts and drip campaigns that have the power to get you the attention you need to succeed. However, the real standout features of SendX are email scheduling and click heat map functions.

Set up email campaigns that automatically land in your contacts’ inboxes while the heat map function displays where users clicked on your emails. This offers valuable insights into how they interact with your content.


Google rating: not available
Price: not provided by the vendor

Mailtrim is an email management tool that integrates various productivity features such as email scheduling, unified inbox, mail security, and streamline collaboration for your team.

It has an easy-to-navigate interface that makes it easier for businesses to handle the customer as well as team emails effectively. Moreover, all emails can be archived, so nothing slips through the cracks, and there’s always a secure record of all internal correspondence.

Mailtrim also lets you sync all your emails and contacts from multiple accounts in a consolidated inbox. The app that keeps you organized as it delivers a consistently next-level emailing experience to its users.


Google rating: 2.5
Price: Free version for basic users, $2.99 per user/ per month and go up to $7.99 per user/ per month

nTask is a project management tool that helps teams improve collaboration, visibility, accountability, and, ultimately, results. It automates your task delegation process through clear visualization of project tasks have been completed, and one’s that are still in progress.

It offers a customizable interface that includes features to help you structure and plan your projects. Use it to define team leader roles, budget, milestone, and track time according to pre-defined criteria.

Furthermore, it integrates easily with other tools, including Slack and other 3rd party apps.

It also offers a Gantt Chart feature for scheduling projects, and also helps manage the dependencies between tasks. Overall, nTask is a well-laid-out, comprehensive project management tool that is scalable according to team needs.

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