By now we all know the value of engaged employees, indeed Dale Carnegie found companies with engaged employees outperform the competition by up to 202 per cent.

Effective Internal Communication is key to having an engaged workforce, here we look at 6 key trends happening in Internal Comms right now.

1. Targeted content

Spray and pray doesn’t cut it anymore. And don’t expect millennials to be interested in corporate propaganda. People now expect personalised, relevant, timely content, that informs, entertains and aligns with values. This means a new set of tools are required that enables you to reach the right audience, at the right time, using the best medium.

2. Employee Feeds

Feeds are now the preferred way for people to consume content, especially on mobile. If you haven’t transitioned from static pages to a personalised feed yet, get it on your roadmap. Feeds are natural, fast, friction free and addictive. Long popularised by social networks and news sites, intranets are catching up, with leading solutions now being feed-first.

feeds are the latest trend in Internal Communication and Intranets

3. Death of Intranets

Intranets are being replaced; by Digital Portals in the office, and mobile apps on the move. Don’t think for a second a mobile version of your existing Intranet is going to cut it. Here at Blink we’ve worked with many companies who’ve tried that and failed. Employees expect Digital Portals to be connected to apps, offer cross-application search, notifications, and a realtime personalised feed.

4. Mobile Apps

Want to reach your front line workers? You need to meet them where they are; on their phones. The convenience of a mobile app now means the average user opens Blink 6 times a day, to be informed, but also productive on the move. Internal Communications must now be mobile first. Push notifications are a powerful tool, especially when coupled with the extensive collaboration and feedback capabilities of an employee app like Blink.

5. Video

If your CEO wants to improve employee engagement and reach everyone in the organisation, there is no doubt video is the most effective format. At Blink we find video, when combined with the convenience of the feed and a native mobile app, is a killer approach. If you haven’t embraced video for your key exec comms yet, better get a plan in place for 2019. Video just works.

video is an effective way to communicate with employees

6. Storytelling

Finally, regardless of the channel, technology or tools, content is still king. Developing your Storytelling capabilities to write content that employees find engaging and meaningful is a key skill in successful Internal Communication, and transcends the medium. Training your people in Storytelling benefits everyone, from sales to customer services, from the CEO to the front line. People buy people, and people love good stories.

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