20 HR Conferences You Shouldn't Miss In 2020

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Trying to sail into the new decade by broadening your HR horizons?

Whether you’ve made a resolution to network more actively, explore how the world of work might develop over the next decade, or be inspired by some of the biggest names in the business, booking yourself into any of these HR conferences is a great way to see in the new decade (and in some cases engage in a spot of sightseeing before heading home!).

The speakers we’ve highlighted aren’t necessarily keynotes - they’re just the ones that piqued our interest most whilst browsing the itineraries. Hit us up on Twitter (@joinblink) with your own recommendations.

  1. HRD Summit
  2. When: 4th-5th February
  3. Where: Birmingham, UK
  4. Speakers: Aidan Lawrence (People Development, Head Of Business Development, HP), Alison Esse (Co-Founder and Director, The Storytellers), Angela Buxton (People Director, Mencap)
  5. Website: https://www.hrdsummit.com/

The HRD Summit is one of the biggest HR conferences on the calendar. Expect over 1,500 delegates - many of whom will be HR Directors, C-Suite executives, and key business leaders - a choice of over 150 speakers, and, if that wasn’t enough, eight live streams to follow along with. If you want to be in the right place to make the right connections, HRD Summit is absolutely a must-visit.

  1. ExImpact Winter
  2. When: 26th-28th February
  3. Where: Orlando, Florida
  4. Speakers: Kit Krugman (Chief People Officer, Women in Innovation), Rachel Pocheco (Head of People, Onduo), Trevor Teason (Head of Recruiting Analytics, CapitalOne)
  5. Website: https://www.hrexchangenetwork.com/events-eximpact-winter

HR Exchange Network’s winter conference focuses on all things employee experience, aiming to offer delegates with practical takeaways on creating “an organic, people-centric culture to empower your organization”. With the theme of ‘Employee 3.0: People and Communities’, expect discussion on the human/machine partnership, empowering employees in the gig economy, building your ‘People Team’ and more.

  1. Talent Summit
  2. When: 4th March
  3. Where: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  4. Speakers: Sir Bob Geldof plus more TBA
  5. Website: https://www.talentsummit2020.com/

One of the biggest HR and leadership conferences in Europe, this one-day event attracts top speakers and a range of HR and talent practitioners. 2020’s theme is ‘the rise of humanity in the workplace’, so expect plenty of thought leadership on building better workplaces and the importance of employee experience in an increasingly complex workplace environment. The main speaker line up is yet to be announced, but given that their keynote is Sir Bob Geldof himself, Talent Summit should not disappoint.

  1. HR Transform
  2. When: 23rd-25th March
  3. Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Speakers: Mala Singh (Chief People Officer, EA), David Hanrahan (CHRO, Eventbrite), Lars Schmitt (Founder, Amplify)
  5. Website: https://transform.us/

How prepared is your organization for the potentially massive changes the world of work will experience in the next decade? Take a deep dive into the challenges these could pose - and potential solutions - at the HR Transform Conference. Promising discussion around gamification, candidate experience, and the hiring practices of the future, there will be plenty for recruiting professionals to get their teeth into.

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  1. i4CP’s Next Practices Now Conference
  2. When: 23rd - 26th March
  3. Where: Scottsdale, Arizona
  4. Speakers: Kevin Johnson (CEO, Starbucks), Diane Gherson (CHRO, IBM), Pamey Bassey (CLO, Kraft-Heinz)
  5. Website: https://www.i4cp.com/conference

Next Practices Now focuses on bringing the ‘tomorrow’ of HR best practices to the ‘today’.

One of i4CP’s main selling points is that it’s closed to vendors and consultants - so you might miss out on your year’s supply of HR software-branded stationery, but you’ll be able to network with peers and enjoy the seriously interesting lineup of speakers without the distraction of eager sales teams fighting for your attention.

  1. UNLEASH Spring
  2. When: 24th-25th March
  3. Where: London, UK
  4. Speakers: Vicky Wallace (CHRO, Santander), Mike Ettling (CEO, Unit4), David Green (Founder, Zandel)
  5. Website: https://unleashgroup.io/

Immerse yourself in all things HR=tech related at Europe’s largest expo. As well as catching a glimpse of what vendors have in store for upcoming releases, checking out a few demos and spotting the groundbreaking new tech talent of tomorrow at the startup stage, check out the conferences two stages to hear some serious HR high-flyers share how they approach HR tech, and the insights they’ve gained from it.

  1. ERE Recruiting Conference
  2. When: 15th-17th April
  3. Where: San Diego, California
  4. Speakers: Allyn Bailey (Talent Acquisition Transformation Manager, Intel Corporation), Rear Admiral Rob Nowakowski (Navy Recruiting Command), Annie Rihn (Vice President for Recruiting, Zillow)
  5. Website: https://www.ererecruitingconference.com/home

An opportunity to discuss and learn more about recruitment/talent acquisition best practices without the sales spin from HR product and service companies. Expect a focus on practical, real-world examples from speakers, who have been specially selected based on their success in this area and their willingness to share what lies behind it.

  1. Digital HR Innovation Summit
  2. When: 28th-29th April
  3. Where: The Hague, The Netherlands
  4. Speakers: Ade McCormick (Founder, Digital Readiness Institute), Dani Jimenez Herranz (Global Digital Lead, Bayer), Heike Vermond (HR Director EMEA, Netflix).
  5. Website: https://digitalhrinnovationsummit.com/

“Digital HR isn’t about rushing to adopt the latest technologies” states the Innovation Summit homepage, in a rather refreshing take on what ‘digital HR’ means. Instead, you’ll find plenty of discussion around the interplay between tools, technology, talent, culture, and processes, and how you can leverage this to transform both your HR department and your entire company. Perfect for those who want a ‘bigger picture’ conference with a holistic approach to digital, and how it can change the lives of your employees.

  1. URx Conference
  2. When: 7th-8th May
  3. Where: San Francisco, CA
  4. Speakers: Craig Campbell (Head of Engineering Recruiting, Uber), Kathy Goss (Director of Inclusion Recruiting, ServiceNow), Jehron Petty (Co-President, Underrepresented Minorities in Computing).
  5. Website: http://www.urxconference.com/

Now in its fourth year, the URx Conference has built up quite a community. With a focus on early career talent acquisition and how you can facilitate entry to the workforce, it’s a refreshing break from all those larger, general-focus conferences which can be so useful, but so exhausting. Expect collaborative, friendly vibes and plenty of interactive workshops to share and learn.

  1. Indeed Interactive
  2. When: 11th-13th May
  3. Where: Austin, Texas
  4. Speakers: Eric Hutcherson (Executive VP, CHRO, National Basketball Association), Vivienne Ming (Theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur, author)
  5. Website: https://indeedinteractive.com

Global recruitment giant Indeed’s annual conference is a perfect opportunity to listen to some of the best in the business talk about their recruiting strategies and how they’ve adjusted them to 21st-century candidate needs. Based around the theme of ‘A better world of work’, the conference will discuss how best to solve the hiring challenges of the present, and how these may change in the future. The two speakers announced at the time of writing are super exciting - we can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

  1. Workhuman Live
  2. When: 11th-14th May
  3. Where: San Antonio, Texas
  4. Speakers: Brittany J. Harris (VP for Learning and Innovation, The Winters Group Inc), Dan Heath (Innovative Business Thought Leader and NYT bestselling author), Erica Dhawan (Founder and CEO, Cotential)
  5. Website: https://www.workhumanlive.com

Workhuman invites its delegates to “Go beyond HR and delve into the data behind gratitude, implementing human rights in the workplace, and other provocative issues around the future of work”. It boasts a uniquely positive outlook and agenda, all centered around collaboration, encouragement, changing the world of work for the better and bringing more to the workplace. A step away from your usual HR conference, this is one for those looking for something with slightly different focus.

  1. HR Vision Amsterdam
  2. When: 2nd-3rd June
  3. Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  4. Speakers: TBA
  5. Website: https://www.hrvisionevent.com/amsterdam

Another giant of a conference, HR Vision Amsterdam promises over 50 sessions with five live streams so you can follow along remotely. With so much choice, the conference is what you make it - there will be sessions exploring a range of HR/people management topics, as well as intimate brainstorming sessions and plenty of opportunities to network with other delegates (many of whom will be senior HR practitioners and key decision-makers for their organizations).

  1. HR Tech Summit Toronto
  2. When: 2nd-3rd June
  3. Where: Toronto, Canada
  4. Speakers: Josh Bersin (Founder and Principal, Bersin by Deloitte), Carolyn Byer (Head of HR, Microsoft Canada), Paul Burrin (VP Product and Marketing, Sage People).
  5. Website: https://hrtechsummit.com/toronto/

Canada’s largest independent HR technology conference will focus on technology and culture this year, and how HR teams can work with the two to maximize results. Expect discussion panels, interactive workshops and a contemporary trade expo, as well as a dedicated Talent Recruitment and Technology Stream, new for 2020.

  1. TAtech Leadership Summit
  2. When: 9th-10th June
  3. Where: Boston, Massachusetts
  4. Speakers: Not announced
  5. Website: https://www.tatech.org/2020-tatech-leadership-summit-programmatic/

Run by the Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions, the US trade body for recruitment technology vendors, TATech offers a “tech speak-free” introduction to what recruitment tech can do for your organization. If you’re unsure about where to start on the topic, a trip to TATech an excellent way to get a handle on what’s out there, how to implement them well, and maybe even to explore some alternatives.

women at hr conference

  1. CIPD Festival of Work
  2. When: 10th-11th June
  3. Where: London, UK
  4. Speakers: Charlotte Jackson (Head of Inclusive Workplace, Ministry of Justice), Caroline Criado-Perez OBE (British Feminist, Activist and Journalist), John Amaechi OBE (Organisational Psychologist, Director of the UK’s largest NHS trust, former NBA Player)
  5. Website: https://www.festivalofwork.com/

The CIPD’s Festival of Work promises “more than just a conference and exhibition”, and with the range of speakers, interactive experiences, live demonstrations, and free learning sessions, we’d be inclined to agree! The conference floor is divided into three sections - Future of Work, Technology and Resourcing, and Learning and Development - go wherever your heart (or perhaps more wisely your business needs) take you. They also promise a great afterparty - always good to hear.

  1. HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference
  2. When: 22nd-24th June
  3. Where: Everett, Massachusetts
  4. Speakers: Michel Deschapelles (Head of Talent Acquisition, Magic Leap Inc), Ben Eubanks (Author, “Artificial Intelligence for HR”), Jenna Philiphowski, PhD (Head of Research, HCI)
  5. Website: https://www.hci.org/2020STA

HCI’s 2020 conference will center around the theme of rethinking analytics, process and tech to close talent gaps. It promises insights into how to improve each stage of your hiring journey - whether that’s creating hiring criteria that work, embedding technology into your processes successfully, finding areas of talent that you might have previously overlooked, or any other process issue you might experience. Perfect for those looking for a holistic, end-to-end discussion on talent acquisition.

  1. Australasian Talent Conference
  2. When: 24th-25th June
  3. Where: Sydney, Australia
  4. Speakers: Antonia Jennings (Director of Talent Acquisition APAC, Pegasystems), Rita Newman (GM Recruitment, Resourcing and Mobility, ANZ Bank), Josh Farr (Founder, Campus Consultancy)
  5. Website: https://atcevent.com/conference/atc2020/

“The possibilities of modern technology are thrilling, however, in a furious effort to make our Talent functions fast and efficient, we risk creating a recruitment experience that is cold and impersonal” says the Australasian Talent Conference’s opening statement. The Southern Hemisphere’s largest gathering of TA professionals promises refreshing emphasis on empathy and reciprocity in the hiring process, and how to center this in your own organization.

  1. Gartner ReimagineHR
  2. When: 21st-22nd September
  3. Where: London, UK
  4. Speakers: Gartner experts, plus more TBA
  5. Website: https://www.gartner.com/en/conferences/emea/human-resource-uk

Gartner’s ReimagineHR conference is all about how CHROs and other senior HR practitioners can drive innovation - both within their own departments and across their wider organizations. There’s a wide range of sessions on offer, covering the role of the CHRO, diversity and inclusion best practices, recruitment, talent analytics, rewards, and learning and development. If you’re a key HR decision-maker, ReimagineHR is a fantastic opportunity to network and share insights from your own experiences.

  1. HR Technology Conference
  2. When: 13th-16th October
  3. Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Speakers: TBA
  5. Website: https://www.hrtechnologyconference.com/

As the name might suggest, the HR Technology Conference is all about the tech. Expect over 10,000 (no, that extra 0 is not a typo) HR practitioners, analysts, industry experts and vendor representatives, all ready to discuss their experiences of HR tech, and how best to incorporate it into your overarching strategy. They also have the largest HR tech expo in the world, covering an area of seven football fields - so if you want to shop around, here’s the place to do it. No speaker announcements yet, but given that 2019 delegates were treated to thoughts from HR A-listers Josh Bersin, Jason Averbrook and Barbara Corcoran, we’re sure that this year’s won’t disappoint.

  1. The HR Congress
  2. When: 17th-18th November
  3. Where: Valencia, Spain
  4. Speakers: Loren Shuster (CHRO, The LEGO Group), Dan Strode (Culture & Strategy, Global, Banco Santander), Maarten Horbach (Group HR Director, Shimano)
  5. Website: https://hr-congress.com

The HR Congress exists to “design and build people-centric organizations.” Their conference takes a broad approach to this, offering senior HR practitioners a diverse range of topics covering recruitment and onboarding, leadership, employee wellbeing, technology and the future of work, HR organization and transformation, and so much more. Expect over 1,500 key decision-makers, HR tech CEOs, and industry experts all under one roof, and networking opportunities abound.

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