Frictionless authentication

Get more value from your investments by giving your team one-tap, passwordless access to your workplace tools.


Our app directory and API makes deploying third-party applications easier than ever.

Streamlined user management

We take the burden out of user management thanks to directory syncing and power tools for administrators. Set up once and you’re done.

Enhanced security

A login-free future

An ever-growing pile of unique logins for different systems is a headache for everyone. End-users end up anywhere but logged in. Or, they just reuse the same set of credentials over and over – risking company data. Your IT department and support team? They're too busy dealing with password resets to focus on what really matters.

Blink Identity eliminates all this burden and frustration, dramatically increasing adoption of your other apps by making them Single Sign-On accessible. No more logins, ever.

Employee experience at scale

Automated User Management

Unify your entire team with our done-for-you lifecycle manager. From user permissions to content access, every step of the employee journey is visible, consolidated and personalized.

Collect and store profile data that are always accurate, always up-to-date. Automatically manage users at scale, whether they're onboarding, offboarding – or just chugging along somewhere in the middle.

Mix and match apps

A custom-made 'super app'

The perfect frontline app DOES exist – you just need to shop for it. Browse thousands of industry apps in one place with our app marketplace. Simply select the one you want and we'll do the rest, hooking it up to Single Sign-On so your team has instant, frictionless access.

Get an overview of all the apps you currently use, see usage rates and manage access to each, all on the same dashboard. Something small still missing? We'll build a micro-app to do it for you.

Content-rich profiles

Effortless relationship building. Instantly find colleagues using their name, job title, location, department, line manager, skills, contact information, and more.

App marketplace

A buzzing marketplace of HR, Frontline, IT, Workflow, and productivity apps for you to choose from. Get set up in seconds.

User and team sync

Move user and group information from your organization's enterprise directory into Blink. No manual entry, no room for error.

Bulk update

Make internal changes at scale. Whether you're adding line managers, correcting import typos or onboarding new starters, your life as an admin just became 100x easier.

Dynamic Teams

Auto-add team members based on user profile. As well as reducing the burden on admin, this ensures everyone has access to the content they need, wherever they need it.

Flexible user permissions

Edit and adjust which user can see what, from content to apps to conversations, at any time.

Single Sign-On

The first SSO built exclusively for the frontline. Access any app in seconds without a login.


This watertight industry standard for authorization just became yours, too. Protect user data, simplify access and save time.

Mobile Authentication

Whether at the depot, the hospital or the train home, your users will have access to everything they need in the palm of their hand.