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Blink Feed

It's how field workers stay in touch. Every action they need to take and all the information they want to see in one place. It's mobile-first, fast and designed for deskless employees.

Mobile First

The Blink Feed transforms how deskless and remote employees feel about work.

It removes friction and frustration, reducing time spent on non-core tasks by 80%.

Give field workers the space to rediscover their passion, innovate and re-engage with your organisation.

Mobile First

Personalised Work Feed

No more context-switching and no more frustrating workflows. The Blink Feed makes it easy for deskless workers to complete actions from almost any other business app.

The Feed keeps your on-site crew informed. Quickly watch exec video updates, complete training and acknowledge urgent notices. Even comment, vote and share. It's mobile first and looks like no other piece of enterprise software.

Personalised Work Feed

The Ultimate Mobile Calendar

Every event and invite beautifully presented in a single calendar. Blinks Feed combines data from multiple Office365 and GSuite accounts to make sure your remote workers never miss a thing.

It's displayed alongside the Feed action cards and right next to our smart search. This is how you get a truly connected workforce that are all on-board.

The Ultimate Mobile Calendar

Truly Universal Search

Blinks Universal Search is different. A single query searches mutliple locations and services. It returns files and folders from OneDrive, GDrive and Dropbox as well as formatted records from deep within applications like ServiceNow and Salesforce.

Search for a customer and Blink will find their RFPs, agreements, photos of whiteboards and chats. It will display their Salesforce entry, any support tickets they have logged in Zendesk and invoices raised in Netsuite.

Suddenly your deskless workforce can anything they need, from anywhere.

Truly Universal Search

Blinks Cloud Launchpad

Put shortcuts to other platforms in everyones personal Launchpad.

Make access to Micro apps easy for your employees in the field.

Your deskless workers can find anything they need and all without an intranet.

Blinks Cloud Launchpad
Make everything Mobile First

Modernise your existing business apps by making their functions available through Blinks Feed. We integrate with these and many more apps.


Quickly access your files, calendars emails and more wherever you are.


Manage contacts, track opportunities, and close deals faster.


Automatically moves info between Blink and the other apps you use during your day.


Jira helps every team reach their full potential with powerful workflow and project tracking.


Manage your team's help desk ticketing, issue tracking, and customer service support.


Data from your Blink and SAP systems stays in sync without manual intervention.

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